Rolf Harris dies: Aussie make-up artist recalls being molested by disgraced entertainer

An Australian make-up artist who was molested by Rolf Harris at the beginning of her career has recalled the harrowing ordeal following his death.

Harris, 93, died in the UK from neck cancer on May 10, less than a decade after he was found guilty of abusing four girls and young women.

Suzi Dent was one of the women who was targeted by the disgraced Australian entertainer and has opened up about the terrifying abuse.

Ms Dent also shared a powerful message for the other victims targeted by Harris, saying she hoped his death would bring some sort of closure to them. 

Suzi Dent was a young make-up artist working for Channel Seven when she met Rolf Harris in 1986

Suzi Dent was a…

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