CHRIS FOY: Rugby has to change so cut the anger and unite to tackle the head trauma crisis

What a seminal moment for the sport, here and everywhere. It is not just a fight for survival, it is an identity crisis too. Rugby’s authorities are balancing on a knife-edge.

A few days on from the RFU announcement, the after-shocks are still being felt and the debate rages on, along with loud, angry recriminations. The union approved the lowering of the legal tackle height to waist level from July 1 – in the semi-pro and community game – and all hell broke loose.

It is an emotive issue, but also a fiendishly-complex scientific and medical one. Going against the grain, this column has some sympathy for the powers-that-be trying to find a perfect solution to the spectre of head trauma, when none exists. There is no nirvana, just risk reduction. Something has to change. Rugby cannot…

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

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