Two killed at cockfight in India as birds armed with knives to their feet become startled in India

Two killed by ‘armed’ chickens: Men bleed to death after being sliced by knives fixed to roosters at cockfights in India

  • Two men have died at cockfights during Sankranti celebrations
  • Knives were attached to the birds’ feet in an extreme version of the sport
  • In separate incidents the armed birds were startled whilst in a crowded place

Two men in India’s were declared dead during extreme cock fighting events taking place during the Sankranti harvest festival celebrations.

One of the victims, Gande Suryapraksha Rao, was tying knives to the feet of a fighting rooster when the animal became spooked, causing it to fly in the air and inflict severe damage on the 42 year-old who was declared dead at a hospital later that day.

Around the same time in another…

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