Chicago man who murdered family had been banned from home – but judge ‘reluctantly’ LIFTED order

The Chicago man who murdered his mother, wife, and two young daughters was legally banned from the family house for his dangerous behavior, only to be let back into the home at his wife’s request just a month before the tragic massacre.

Andrei Kisliak, 39, was barred from returning to his family’s multi-million dollar home in the Chicago suburbs last September after a spate of erratic behavior which included heavy drug use at the house, blaring loud music through the night, bringing prostitutes home, and threatening to kill and disfigure his wife. 

The ban was part of a protective order his wife, Vera Kisliak, had asked for and been granted, and which also barred Mr. Kisliak from seeing his children as the couple went through bitter divorce proceedings. 

But on November 1 the parents jointly asked the court to lift that order, as Ms. Kisliak said she had agreed to let her husband move back into the home and see their kids.

Judge Marnie Slavin agreed to lift the ban, but added a…

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