Fyre festival fraudster Billy McFarland launches new virtual PYRT festival

The conman behind the disastrous Fyre Festival is back at it with a new virtual event he claims will feature a livestream of ‘artists and creators’ having fun in the Bahamas.

Billy McFarland, 31, announced his new venture, PYRT (ironically pronounced ‘pirate’), in a recent TikTok, describing it as a ‘virtual immersive decentralized reality.’

Using a whiteboard and poster in a clip filmed at his rented apartment, McFarland said: ‘PYRT is not a festival. It is not an event. And it’s definitely not the metaverse,’ the convicted fraudster says in the video before going on to describe PYRT as a festival in the Bahamas with a virtual festival online.

As he explains, the project will partner with a ‘small, remote destination’ to host a ‘handful of artists, content creators, entrepreneurs and any of you guys who end up joining the PYRT crew.’

At the same time, others across the world can join a virtual recreation of the island to ‘not only watch what’s happening live, but they can…

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

A technology enthusiast and a passionate writer in the field of information technology, cyber security, and blockchain

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