Oxford vandals turn to ARSON in attack on low traffic neighbourhood bollards hated by local drivers

Vandals in Oxford have been caught on camera as they turned to arson in a night time attack – setting fire to a bollard in a low traffic neighbourhood which restricts traffic to motorists.

Drivers destroyed 20 bollards over less than three weeks – with vans and cars driving over the barriers, one vandal ripping a bollard out of the ground and walking it off with it.

A vandal set the bollard alight after 11pm on a Sunday night in July on Howard Street in east Oxford.

Video footage from local residents shows shows drivers deliberately destroying barriers put up for the low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) including a DPD delivery driver, a taxi and several vans and cars.

A spokesperson for DPD told MailOnline: ‘It is unacceptable behaviour and the local depot is investigating that particular incident. We have reminded all drivers in the area to respect the low traffic neighbourhood initiative and route accordingly.’

Local taxpayers have now had to pay £100,000 to replace the destroyed…

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