Heroic mother, 30, died after pushing her two-year-old daughter out of the way of an oncoming lorry 

A hero mother tragically died last month after being struck by a lorry which she pushed her two-year-old daughter away from moments before.

NHS healthcare assistant Rebecca (Becky) Ableman, 30, was walking to a local shop with her two-year-old daughter Autumn when she was tragically hit by a lorry carrying a crane in Cambridgeshire.

Her partner, Chris Tuczemskyi, said an eyewitness saw Rebecca shove the pram, containing two-year-old Autumn, away from her just seconds before she was struck.

Mr Tuczemskyi, 34, said: ‘We planned to get married but life got in the way. It’s tough, especially with Autumn. They were so close.

‘Because she’s only two she is finding it hard to understand what’s happened. She still cries for her mummy, especially at night.

‘Having to deal with everything, grieve and look after her at the same time and make sure she has everything she needs is extremely difficult.

‘I know a lot of people would feel angry [with the driver] but I’ve got my daughter to focus on.’


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