Gen Zers trade turkeys for PIZZA as prices for Thanksgiving dinners skyrocket

Many Gen Zers are opting to eat pizza instead of turkey this thanksgiving as prices associated with staple foods of the holiday have skyrocketed amid inflation, with other Americans reporting they can’t cover the cost of the dinner at all. 

New polling reflected the changes Americans would be forced to make this year as they head home for the holidays to watch football and eat with their families. 

One in five Americans said they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year, while a whopping 88% of respondents said they will cut at least one dish from the dinner.  

Around 33% of those celebrating ‘friendsgiving,’ a popular riff on the holiday that usually sees young people dining with their friends, will serve pizza this year over a costly turkey. 

Only 24% said they would serve turkey at all, highlighting the often-overlooked prices associated with the holiday. 

Americans are poised to spend $64.05 on a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people - 20 percent more than last year as the prices of nearly all foods have gone up

Americans are poised to spend $64.05 on a Thanksgiving meal for 10…

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