Sky drama Royal Mob depicts moment King Edward VII punched Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm

With nine children and 42 grandchildren, Queen Victoria was at the centre of a web of connections that stretched across Europe’s royal families. 

Her English and German grandsons, King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II, had gotten on very well. 

But that was not the case for the relationship between King Edward VII and the Kaiser, who was his nephew – as a new royal drama highlights. 

Tonight’s episode of Sky History’s Royal Mob depicts the alleged moment that the pair came to blows during the Isle of Wight’s prestigious Cowes Week in the 1890s. 

The then Prince of Wales, who succeeded his mother Victoria after her death in 1901, is seen punching Wilhelm in the face after the Kaiser had poked fun at him for losing a boat race to the shore.

Royal Mob shows a furious Edward confronting Wilhelm after one of the men rowing on the Kaiser’s boat had used his oar to hit one of his rivals in the face. 

Details of the real royal bust-up were reported in the Daily Mail in 1920 and emerged again…

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