Kayla Itsines’ digital workout company Sweat slashes ‘at least 30 staff’ in Adelaide headquarters

Pictured: Kayla Itsines, 31

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Pictured: Kayla Itsines, 31

Kayla Itsines’ online fitness empire Sweat has hit turbulence with an estimated 30 staff set to be axed from head office – while the pregnant workout queen spruiks the app to her 15 million Instagram followers.

The 31-year-old mum sold her digital workout platform to US company iFit for $400million last year, following a boom in home exercise when gyms and sports centres closed during the Covid pandemic.

Itsines is still the face of the brand and continues to be involved in running the business. 

But subscriptions, which cost $20 per month, started waning once gyms re-opened last year.

Headquarters in Adelaide boasted almost 100 employees before the sale to iFit – however, according to the Advertiser, that number is about to drop to 45.

A company spokeswoman would not confirm exact numbers, but she did say the business would be reducing costs and forcing redundancies.

Kayla Itsines announced a collaboration with Pip Edwards' company, P.E Nation, in October (pictured together)

Kayla Itsines announced a collaboration with Pip Edwards’ company, P.E…