PETER HITCHENS: I warned there would be a price to pay over Covid. Now do you believe me? 

The coming years of heavy taxes, along with the inflation and rising mortgage rates we face, are not caused by some unstoppable force of nature. Nor is the wild rise in energy prices.

All these things are the direct result of government actions. They did not need to happen. I have warned against them all. And yet there is no political party, not even a minority group in Parliament, that has been remotely interested in such warnings. The whole House of Commons thinks in unison.

On every subject where it could have been right, or even divided, it has been unanimously wrong.

Perhaps those of you who have repeatedly ignored my advice that the Tory Party is not your friend, and our governments are not competent, will now finally begin to listen. And maybe those who now wave and fly the flag of Ukraine might also begin to wonder if they have been had (they have been).

In the spring of 2020, I tried almost alone to warn that the Government was making a grave mistake about Covid, over-reacting…

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

A technology enthusiast and a passionate writer in the field of information technology, cyber security, and blockchain

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