How many patients would be harmed if every single NHS diversity tsar were sacked? Not one

As anyone who has been unlucky in love knows, it can take years to recover from a broken heart. A heart that is physically breaking can be a much quicker fix – as long as medical help arrives fast.

However, these days, patients who suffer a life-threatening heart attack or stroke in this country can no longer be sure of being treated before it’s too late.

Why? Because the NHS is not ‘on the verge of collapse’ or ‘at breaking point’, it is already in bits.

As frontline services disintegrate, the standard of care, including for those suffering life-or-death cardiac arrests and strokes, is fast becoming a national disgrace.

Even at the best of times – and that means weekdays – services are hit-and-miss. Happily, many patients still have a positive experience. Off-peak, it’s another story.

Dr Andrew Stein, a kidney consultant, recounted recently in a breathtakingly candid interview on Radio 4’s Today programme how chronic under-use at weekends of the NHS’s vast network of expensive…

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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

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