CCTV shows moment paparazzo is chased by Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne’s Brit film-maker friends

A photojournalist who broke his arm when he was chased by a pair of British film-makers in Buenos Aires over the weekend has alleged that actress Margot Robbie singled him out for a beating. 

Grainy CCTV footage seemingly shows the moment Pedro Alberto Orquera was pursued by British film producer Josey MacNamara and key grip Jac Hopkins, who took umbrage with the paparazzo when they spotted him snapping pics of starlet friends Robbie and Cara Delevingne as they left a celebrity restaurant at 3am on Sunday morning. 

Orquera, 61, said the pair chased him down outside the restaurant, attempting to smash his camera before kicking him over onto the concrete.

He suffered several cuts and badly broke his arm in the attack and has now claimed that the Australian glam star ordered her friends to hunt him down.

‘Ms Robbie, who I could identify, touched the shoulder of one of her security personnel and indicated with her finger towards me. It was then that several people beat me up and the…

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