Urgent food recall IGA: Brownes Dairy Mango Yoghurt 120g

‘Do not eat’: Urgent warning as popular kids food is recalled over fears of ‘chemical contamination’

  • Urgent food recall issued for a yoghurt sold across IGA stores in NSW and WA  
  • Brownes Dairy Mango Yoghurt 120g, with expiry date of October 14, 2022 
  • The recall is due to a chemical (sanitising solution) contamination 
  • Products with low concentration of sanitising solution may cause illness, injury 
  • For a full refund, consumers must return the product to the place of purchase 

An urgent food recall has been issued for a yoghurt sold at IGA stores in two states across the country following fears of ‘chemical contamination’ which can make customers seriously ill.

Brownes Food Operations Pty Ltd is conducting the recall of their Brownes Dairy…

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