Police footage shows Browns star Myles Garrett with a bloody wrist after flipping his Porsche

A dazed Myles Garrett is seen with a bloody wrist and a torn t-shirt in newly released police body camera footage after he flipped his Porsche on Monday near the Cleveland Browns’ practice facility.

The 26-year-old defensive end suffered non-life-threating injuries in the wreck. He and a female passenger were taken the hospital around 3pm on Monday, but he has since been released. Her status, as well as her identity, remain unclear.

The woman appears in the body cam footage, but her face is blurred as she’s being checked along the side of the road.

While she remains on her back, other first responders check Garrett, whose sleeves are visibly ripped.

‘Can you move?’ one EMT asks. ‘Is it a biceps tendon?’

Garrett then moves his arm, prompting an EMT to tell him, ‘You should be OK… if…

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