KPMG asks job applicants if they are gay or have had an ‘intersex variation’ 

Read the VERY personal questions a Big Four accounting firm is asking job seekers – from if they are GAY to whether they’ve had ‘trans or gender-diverse experiences’

  • KPMG is asking job seekers personal questions about their sexuality and gender
  • The firm asks applicants if they’ve had a ‘trans or gender diverse experience’
  • One question posed by KPMG to applicants is if they have an ‘intersex variation’
  • Some legal experts believe the questions could breach discrimination laws 

Big Four accounting firm KPMG is asking job applicants what their sexuality is in a hiring questionnaire and whether they’ve had a ‘trans or gender diverse experience’ or an ‘intersex variation’. 

The questions – which are not compulsory to answer – come amid a push by the…

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