MARTIN SAMUEL: English football doesn’t need Netflix or even third-party broadcasting partners

The problem with the proposal for a Premier League Drive To Survive is very simple. It’s small-time.

Small thinking, small in its imagination, it’s only a big idea in the minds of people with no thought for how truly gargantuan football could be.

Why does football need Netflix anyway? Why does it need Sky, for that matter, or any streaming service to air its product? Why can’t it go it alone? Show its own product, on its own network, with its own subscribers, and make its own Drive To Survive to accompany that.

Football does not need Netflix, Sky or any other streaming service to air its in-demand product

The talent is out there. Producers, runners, directors, commentators, pundits — they just work for other broadcasters. The funds TV puts into football around the world,…

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