Will Colombia legalize cocaine? Nation’s president declares the War on Drugs has been lost

Colombia President Gustavo Petro sensationally declared ‘the war on drugs has failed’ in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and proposed sweeping changes to the nation’s drug laws that could end in legalizing cocaine. 

The change, which would mean the historic ground zero on America’s War on Drugs would now become the world’s largest legal suppliers of cocaine, could have a devastating impact on 

In a response to Petro’s statements, the nation’s former president, Ivan Duque, 46, told FOX News that he believes the current president’s views could lead to the drug’s legalization – and possibly threaten the United States.

‘What worries me is that there is now the possibility of getting into the permission, or the legalization of, cocaine and consumption,’ Duque said Friday.

‘I think that it will be very bad for Colombia, and that will be very bad for the countries in the hemisphere, and I think that could generate also a majority security threat to the…

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