Russian conscripts drink and brawl as they are shipped out to Ukraine

Russian conscripts have been filmed drinking and fighting amongst themselves on their way to the frontlines today, in scenes that could soon repeat themselves on the battlefields of Ukraine.

Dozens of videos began surfacing showing men swilling from cups of drink before boarding buses heading west, or else stumbling and fighting at recruitment offices and on board planes. 

Footage is hard to conclusively verify, but it tallies with reports of low morale and drunkenness among Russian recruits and speaks to wider problems faced by Putin’s military – poor command, discipline and organisation – that have plagued its war effort so far. It appears those issues are unlikely to get better as the war wears on.

Meanwhile reports from within Russia itself suggested men were rushing to marry single mothers or register as elderly carers in a desperate bid to dodge the draft by having dependents. However, their hopes will likely prove in vain as the only exceptions from Putin’s sweeping laws are…

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