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The so-called morality police arrested 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in Tehran for wearing what they deemed inappropriate clothing and took her to a police station, where she slipped into a coma. Three days later, she died in a hospital. Her death sparked widespread anger and led to anti-government rallies that continue to embroil dozens of cities, according to videos posted on social media.

President Ibrahim Raisi’s government has deployed security forces, to crack down on the protesters.

So, what exactly is the “morality police” force and how does it operate?

Image of a group of young women from behind, holding their headscarf in their hand.

Protests erupted in Tehran and other cities soon after Mahsa’s death, leading to another anti-government riot.

What does the ‘morality police’ do?

“Gasht-e-Ershad,” which translates as “guidance patrols” and is…

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