Donald Trump reveals he once asked Sean Hannity to go EASIER on Joe Biden

Former President Donald Trump had apparently requested FOX News host Sean Hannity go easier on his successor.

The astonishing revelation came as Trump was concluding an exclusive two-part sit-down interview with Hannity at his Mar-a-Lago resort, in a segment that aired on Thursday.

The controversial FOX News host thanked the former president for his time, to which Trump asked whether he thought President Joe Biden would provide him with that much time for an interview.

‘Want my honest answer?’ Hannity replied. ‘I don’t think he knows that today’s Wednesday is my honest answer.’

‘I hope he does, for the sake of this country, I hope he does,’ Trump said.

At that point, Hannity said he was ‘very gracious,’ adding: ‘I should tell a story about how one time you requested I go easier on him.

‘You did say that to me, you thought I was being too flippant.’

Trump then recounted how he ‘thought it was too tough, I thought you were very tough,’ even as Hannity doubled down on his coverage of the…

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