Brit blogger says he’s found the world’s worst toilet where the walls are used as loo roll 

A British travel blogger who spent £150,000 and travelled 75,000 miles to more than 90 countries to find the world’s worst public toilet says he has finally found it – in Tajikistan.

Brighton-based writer and blogger Graham Askey – known to his friends as ‘King of the Porcelain’ – scanned the globe for the most disgusting loos.

After visiting 91 countries and blogging writing extensively about some of the worst examples he has found, the 58-year-old has now discovered the ‘perfect hell hole’ – a ramshackle tent with walls that double as loo roll.

The retired builder says the 5ft-tall loo in northern Tajikistan is so bad those desperate enough to use it must stoop over sun-dried poo.

But by far the ‘most repellent thing of all’, Askey says, is that its fabric walls are used as shared toilet paper. 

He says some ‘wall’ sections have been torn off and discarded on the cubicle floor. There is also a danger of disturbing deadly snakes and fearless rats which have all made their homes in…

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