McDonald’s refuse to serve TikTok star cheese with McPlant burger over fears they could get ‘fired’

A TikTok star was left bewildered after a McDonald’s drive-thru refused to serve him a vegan McPlant burger with real cheese even after offering to buy a slice in a separate box.

Vegetarian Louis Wright, 25, asked for the plant-based burger, but with ‘normal cheese instead of vegan cheese’ – which he says ‘tastes like rubber’ in Poole on Sunday evening. 

But the worker denied his request over the speaker saying: ‘We can’t do that as it goes against the whole vegan thing.’ 

Louis compromised by asking for a McPlant with no cheese and a separate cheeseburger holding everything – meaning he would have a cheese slice to put on the vegan burger – and was allowed this option at the drive-thru. 

However, this was also refused later by a worker who came to his car and said he could get ‘fired’ if put they put the slice in as it ‘goes against the whole vegan thing’. 

Mr Wright, who is also a musician, told MailOnline he filmed his encounter after being denied a slice of cheese at the…

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