Items Australians splurge on at Coles and Woolworths

Buy good quality first time, over research, procrastinate for a few months, more research – then buy the best fit for purpose. Took me almost a year to get my home stereo but bloody hell it’s amazing…!!!

Car & car maintenance

Dog food (good nutrition now is better than big vet bills later on)

Human food (I save money by shopping specials etc but I always prioritise healthy food over cost)

Work dresses with pockets, they’re worth their weight in gold lol

Pizza as life is to short to be eating Domino’s, seriously when they have tried to have this for work gatherings & try to get me to pay for this stuff I flat out refuse. Make it yourself or get it from a good local Pizza place.

The best obstetrician I could find for my wife and daughter.

Phone and service provider. I want the best tech (as I work in it) and coverage possible. Same goes for my laptop, screen, and ISP.

Parmigiano reggiano. It’s simply the best.

Pinot noir. You can’t make good cheap pinot.

Kitchen knives. They are buy for life…

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