Beverly Hills car crash: Friends of L-plate driver share photos of accident online

Jordan Tye Maaka, 18, (pictured) has been charged after allegedly crashing a car in Sydney's southwest on Friday morning

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Jordan Tye Maaka, 18, (pictured) has been charged after allegedly crashing a car in Sydney’s southwest on Friday morning 

A friend of a learner driver who allegedly ploughed his car into a power pole in Sydney’s south leaving five teenagers injured shared photos of the mangled wreck online just hours after the horror crash. 

Jordan Tye Maaka, 18, allegedly lost control and crashed his Honda Accord while coming around a bend on Stoney Creek Road, Beverly Hills, about 6am on Friday. 

The teenager, who allegedly got behind the wheel while his license was suspended because of unpaid fines, suffered minor injuries and was taken to Liverpool Hospital for treatment.

Four passengers – two girls aged 16 and two boys aged 15 and 16 – were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital, each in a stable condition. 

An arrest warrant has now been issued for Maaka after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday after being granted bail on Sunday.  

Just hours after the crash, a…