Mourners who missed Queen’s funeral: Woman sits outside Westminster Abbey after service had begun

A woman was spotted sitting outside Westminster Abbey having arrived after the Queen’s state funeral had started while a former police officer was told not to bother after his train was delayed for hours.

The unknown woman, who was dressed in a black dress, hat and gloves, was reportedly turned away from main entrance by police who were stood guard outside the Abbey in central London.

Witnesses reported that the lady arrived about 15 minutes after the service had started and that police appeared to be taking good care of her, suggesting that she may have been allowed in an alternative entrance. 

Thousands of mourners were impacted by transport and traffic chaos this morning after electrical faults and road closures meant travel was severely disrupted.

It is unknown if the woman pictured was delayed by the disruption this morning but one guest who was caught up in the rail chaos was Barry Boffy MBE.

As well as members of the Royal Family, the Government and foreign dignitaries from…

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