Hawaiian Surfer Kalani David, 24, dies from after having a seizure while out on the water

World junior surfing champion Kalani David died in Costa Rica on Saturday after having a seizure while out in the ocean.

The 24-year-old Hawaiian surfer and skater suffered from Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare heart defect, that ultimately leads to a periodic rapid heart rate.

Keoni, David’s younger brother, confirmed the devastating news on Instagram, according to reports.

‘You are the best brother I could ever ask for,’ Keoni wrote. ‘I will miss you Kalani.’

Kalani’s health condition caused him to suffer from multiple seizures with his first occurring in 2016. Months before his death, the surfer was advised by a doctor to not surf or drive after multiple episodes and concerns about potential unexpected death.

‘With these seizures, I keep having, my neurologist said no driving and no surfing until I stop having them. I mean, I could surf, but if I was to have one and don’t get saved in time, I’ll either die or become a vegetable because I don’t have enough air to my brain,’…

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