Amazon employees complain the company is ‘frugal’ despite Bezos being world’s second richest man 

Thousands of former Amazon employees slammed the billion-dollar tech company for their ‘stingy’ behavior towards employees – as ‘budget’ limitations forced them to split bagels.

The nearly 2,500 employees have since shifted to working at Google and weren’t shy to start an email thread titled ‘worked_at_amazon’ to rant about the company’s cheap mindset towards basic employee needs – despite Jeff Bezos being the world’s second richest man.

In screenshots of the exclusive thread obtained by Insider, the employees revealed the company’s pettiness calling it ‘frupidity’ and said they witnessed managers remove cereal boxes from company pantries in an attempt to install a ‘frugal’ outlook.

‘Eventually, we got told, “Spending a couple of hundred bucks on cereal isn’t frugal. You are free to solicit donations to try and keep it running,”‘ one person wrote in the thread. 

Some workers were told to split bagels because budget restrictions didn’t allow for each person to get their own. 


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Written by Bourbiza Mohamed

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