Will Prince Harry seize the opportunity for reconciliation?

Just as it had 25 years and eight days ago, the September sun shone down on William and Harry as they walked side by side behind their grandmother’s coffin. But everything else was different.

A quarter of a century before they were brothers united in grief at the sudden death of their mother and the fraternal bonds of shared loss seemed unbreakable.

Yesterday only their mutual sorrow at the passing of the Queen remained. Rarely has the relationship between princes once so close looked so strained, nor the gulf between them so wide.

There was no human barrier to separate them as there had been last year at the farewell for Prince Philip when the burly figure of their cousin, Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, walked between them.

At their mother’s funeral they were just boys who could barely lift their gaze from the ground. Yesterday, they stared rigidly ahead, Harry hatless in his mourning clothes, William’s eyes hooded by the peaked cap of his RAF No 1 uniform.

Both carried…

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