Biden could ease pressure on Iran to rescue defunct nuclear deal

Leaked details of negotiations with Iran suggest that the Biden administration is prepared to make significant concessions to revive the defunct nuclear deal — even as shocking Iranian-inspired murder plots unfold on US soil.

This week, following days of indirect talks between the US and Iran in Vienna, EU officials put forward a ‘final’ proposal to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump pulled out of unilaterally four years ago.

Excerpts of a leaked draft of the text suggest that it would blunt American sanctions against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and clear a path for Tehran to avoid further scrutiny of its suspected atomic sites, Politico reported on Friday evening.

Though it is technically an EU proposal, European officials have worked closely with the US delegation in the negotiations, and are believed to have sign-off from Washington on the proposed terms.

The proposal seemed to signal President Joe Biden’s willingness to make significant…

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