Trump besieged on all sides: An FBI raid, a New York tax probe, a Georgia grand jury

When FBI agents raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on Monday it triggered outrage among his supporters, who accused the Department of Justice of persecuting the former president.

Trump himself accused authorities of a ‘witch hunt,’ and of trying to ensure that he could never run for president again.

Even Republicans with no great love of Trump said it was a dangerous and unprecedented step. 

‘This is a very dangerous line they’ve crossed,’ said New York GOP donor Eric Levine. 

‘And unless they come away with proof that he was plotting with Putin the invasion of New Hampshire or something, this heavy-handed manner of obtaining information on an ex-president is quite breathtaking.’

Sources said the raid was part of an investigation into whether Trump took classified documents home with him after leaving the White House, and even that they may have included nuclear secrets.

Former President Donald Trump faces a slew of legal battles that has only intensified since leaving office. They include investigations into his conduct after the election and his business practices. The probes stretch across the country

Former President Donald Trump faces a slew of legal battles that has only intensified…

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