Husband accusing wife of poisoning him with Drano ‘made the story up amid custody battle’

An California radiologist who accused his dermatologist wife of poisoning him with Drano is ‘completely absurd and untrue’ as husband ‘was desperate to have reasons to gain custody of the children,’ the wife’s lawyer claims.

David Wohl, lawyer of Yue ‘Emily’ Yu, 45, says his client, who was caught on a nanny cam, was pouring the chemical into an empty cup to prevent splashing. The filled cup, which her husband claims contained his hot lemonade, was then used to resolve plumbing issues.

Yu is alleged to have poisoned her husband, Jack Chen, 53, of 10 years with the chemical in addition to years of domestic abuse.

‘The idea that my client, who is a 45-year-old well-respected dermatologist in Orange County, would destroy her life, destroy her children’s lives and try to kill her husband is just completely absurd and untrue — and for that matter, defamatory,” Wohl said.

Chen’s lawyer, Steven Hittelman, said Chen told police he had noticed a chemical taste in his lemonade and was sick for…

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