Dorset man creates tropical garden in suburbia with 5,000 plants

Mike and Tina Clifford’s lovingly refurbished bungalow in Broadstone, near Poole in Dorset, isn’t difficult to spot from the B3074. Not just for its gleaming paintwork and smart black metal gates. But because their suburban garden is a jungle.

Not, let’s be clear, a right-old-mess sort of garden jungle, but an actual jungle — better suited to toucans, tigers, monkeys and macaws than a sedate wire-haired dachshund called Mr Darwin and a rotary washing line spinning among the palms.

Here you won’t find any conventional parched lawns, quaint roses and concrete paving favoured by neighbours. Oh no. The Cliffords have gone a touch more tropical.

Towering banana trees that come up to the roof. Ferns from Australia. Vast cacti. Carnivorous nepenthes that munch through three crickets a month. Poisonous plants. Hallucinogenic plants such as the angel’s trumpet, used by shamans in South America. Medical plants. Smelly plants. Spiky plants. Plants that look like aliens. Plus, 13 types of giant…

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