McDonald’s Australia: ‘Disgusting’ trend takes off on social media

‘Disgusting’ McDonald’s trend takes off across Australia – but fast-food workers are NOT impressed and it’s ruining their days: ‘Grow up mate, that’s not funny’

  • Disgusting new TikTok trend has emerged with Aussies pranking Maccas staff
  • Prank sees people replace Filet-O-Fish patty with a dead fish 
  • Customers then attempt to pass it off as a mistake to McDonald’s workers 

A ‘disgusting’ new trend has emerged where young Australians are mocking McDonald’s staff and uploading videos of their encounters to TikTok.

A tradie named Dylan posted a video of himself replacing the processed Filet-O-Fish hoki patty with a dead fish – before attempting to pass it off to McDonald’s staff as their mistake.

The female worker dismisses the attempt, saying she was…

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