Putin loses 100th colonel as US says 80,000 Russian troops dead or wounded

Vladimir Putin has now lost at least 100 colonels in the war in Ukraine, as the US says up to 80,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded in the fighting.

Lieutenant-Colonel Vitaly Tsikul, 36 and a tank commander, was confirmed dead by Russian media which showed footage of his funeral taking place in the town of Chebarkul, central Russia.

His death was revealed as Colin Kahl, third-most senior official at the Pentagon, said that up to 80,000 Russia soldiers have been taken out less than six months of war.

Lieutenant-Colonel Vitaly Tsikul

Lieutenant-Colonel Vitaly Tsikul

Lieutenant-Colonel Vitaly Tsikul, 36 and a tank commander, died fighting somewhere in Ukraine last month with his demise confirmed in recent days as his funeral took place

It means that around half of the 150,000 – 190,000 men that Putin is thought to have amassed on Ukraine’s border before the war have been removed from the battlefield.

Kahl said the estimate is ‘pretty remarkable’ when taking into account the fact that ‘the Russians have achieved none of…

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