Keely Hodgkinson misses out on gold for the third time in a year as she finishes second in the 800m

Too much silver for a positive lining, too many close calls for brave faces. For the second time in a fortnight, and the third major 800m race in a year, Keely Hodgkinson came up a fraction short and wore the expression of an athlete with no more patience for near misses.

The rawest fact of many from an extraordinary and bizarre race is she will leave these Commonwealth Games as the runner up. Just as she left the World Championships in Eugene last month, and just as she departed the Tokyo Olympics before that.

It is a spot she knows too well and it is really beginning to sting for this 20-year-old. But this possibly hurt more than those other two, she admitted, because one difference was key: there was no Athing Mu, the brilliant American who had her number on the previous tussles, and…

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