The first conjoined twins to be separated in the UK reveal they share a close bond

They each hope to marry one day, but neither is rushing to tie the knot. Twins Hassan and Hussein Salih both worry how life with two wives would turn out, given that they share such a deep emotional bond.

For the brothers are not just twins but boys who spent the first seven months of their lives with their bodies fused together from chest to hip.

They made medical history in April 1987 when they became the first conjoined twins in Britain to be successfully separated. But while they have been physically split up, they remain, metaphorically, joined at the hip.

Now 35, not only do they sleep in the same bedroom, but watch the same movies and devotedly nurse each other after the hospital surgeries which continue to dog their lives.

‘We are a package. We come as a pair,’ admits Hassan with a grin. ‘My wife will have to like Hussein. His wife will have to like me.’

Following the pioneering operation at London’s renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Salih brothers from…

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