Perth police in Western Australia save a family of ducklings from certain death on freeway

Adorable moment a quack squad of ace de-duck-tives save a fledgling family from certain death on a busy freeway

  • Police responded to reports a perilous waddle of ducklings were on a highway
  • Footage shows police marching the little waterfowl out of harm’s way in the rain
  • One officer climbed into a drain to rescue a straggler who had been swept away¬†

Western Australian police mounted a daring rescue mission for a family of ducklings lost and wandering onto a busy freeway in the rain.

The waddle was spotted attempting to cross the northbound lanes of the Mitchell Highway north of Perth on Tuesday morning.

Police had received calls the shelduck ducklings were trying to cross the highway and arrived at the road’s edge to escort the ducklings away from traffic.

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