Financial and real estate experts offer advice to prospective buyers and sellers

The US housing market appears to be finally cooling off after seeing its least affordable days since the ’80s.

The number of homes being built and sold is declining, more and more buyers are backing out of deals, and some parts of the country are finally seeing price cuts.

Pantheon Macroeconomics founder and chief economist, Ian Shepherdson, has called for a 15 to 20 per cent correction in an ‘overvalued’ housing market, which he warns is in a state of ‘meltdown’ with ‘cratering demand.’  

In a July 26 note, he declared we’re no longer in a sellers’ market and, ‘the housing slump is deepening, fast… [this] will not be the bottom.’

While the housing market appears to be reaching a more stable state, the ups and downs of the real estate rollercoaster have left many home owners and prospective buyers in a state of doubt and upheaval.

So, spoke to a panel of housing market experts about what’s going on in the market and where, why, and when to buy or sell your home. 


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