Elon Musk’s dad Errol Musk denies he is ‘not proud’ of his son after Kyle and Jackie O Show comments

Elon Musk’s father created a whirlwind of controversy this week after telling Australian radio hosts he is not proud of his billionaire son.

Errol Musk, 76, told Daily Mail Australia his three daughters were so upset with the comments on Kyle and Jackie O they refused to speak to him for days.

But the retired electrical engineer said the comments were misunderstood and that he didn’t properly hear the question.

‘Elon knows it’s not true, so he would never get upset about it. He just laughs this kind of stuff off,’ Mr Musk said.

‘But the last message Elon sent to me was ”Dad, the press play you like a fiddle so please keep quiet”.’

While the two have shared a somewhat rocky relationship over the years, Mr Musk said he had been proud of Elon from ‘the day he was born’.

Errol Musk (right) said his billionaire son Elon (left) knows his comments to Kyle and Jackie O are ‘not true’ – ‘he would never get upset about it. He just laughs this kind of stuff off’

The media storm…

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