BEL MOONEY: How can I stop my ex turning our kids against me? 

Dear Bel,

My daughter is 11, my son 14. When he was three, their father and I split because he was cheating with a lap dancer. I gave it another go for the sake of the children but he moved out after ten months. I started divorce proceedings; he applied for custody; things became very acrimonious.

The children remained with me; his access was one night a week, alternate weekends, and holidays. After reapplying in 2018, he got 50/50 shared custody. I hoped that would be the end but he always wants something to fight about. In November 2020 my son texted me to say he wasn’t coming home again. He said I have abused him emotionally and he wants no more contact. This was a huge shock — so much so that I got the police to speak to him at school to make sure he wasn’t being coerced.

He repeated his accusations. I applied to the court as I felt he was being alienated from me. My ex wanted my daughter to move to his as well, but she told the social workers she didn’t want to. But the…

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