I fought with the NLaw, and won! Ukraine releases tribute video to the UK

Ukraine has released a video paying tribute to the support it has received from the United Kingdom in its defence against Vladimir Putin’s invasion, complete with a soundtrack by The Clash and shots of Russian tanks being destroyed by British-built NLAWs.

The United Kingdom has been one of Ukraine’s most stalwart allies in the face of Russian aggression – along with Poland, Estonia and Latvia and others – committing nearly £3billion in humanitarian aid and grants.

That includes 120 armoured vehicles, air defence systems and more than 6,500 of the now-famous NLAW anti-tank missiles, according to a government website. 

The weapons systems have been put to good use by Ukraine’s NATO-trained army as they have laid waste to an estimated 1,000 Russian tanks – even bringing the very future of the tank into question.

Previously, the under-equipped Ukrainian military had been relying mostly on ageing legacy equipment from the Soviet Union.

The tribute video opens in cinéma vérité style,…

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