Group of women filming religious reality show has to be rescued off Arizona mountain

Eight women filming religious reality TV show Bad Girls Gone God are rescued off Arizona mountain in sweltering heat and say cops’ response was ‘divine intervention’

  • A group of eight women filming a religious TV show Bad Girls Gone God had to be rescued off Camelback Mountain in Arizona 
  • Three of the women had to be hospitalized for heat-related illnesses after several of them had to be wheeled down the mountain 
  • Two of them had to be airlifted down and the rest managed to get down on their own 
  • Another group of hikers called 911 after the women started to get dizzy 
  • The women said they were participating in a strenuous activity to get closer to God and to test themselves physically
  • Camelback Mountain was 100 degrees on Thursday and the peak can reach up to 150 degrees  

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