Couple are sued by neighbours over a ‘3ft land grab’ between two million-pound London homes

An artist and her lawyer partner are locked in a fight with their millionaire neighbours, after being accused of taking three feet of their garden and paving over it.

Wendy Mszyca, 58, and her partner Amanda Uziell-Hamilton, 65, are accused of staging a land-grab over the narrow strip of ground between their million-pound house and the £1.4m Victorian home of their neighbours, Jay and Hannah Stirrett.

The neighbours’ houses in Camberwell, south London, are built with gardens backing onto each other and the Stirretts say that while re-doing their garden in 2018, the other couple removed a fence and paved another three feet back towards the Stirretts’ house.

They are now suing at Central London County Court for return of the strip, which – despite its size – they say is ‘significant’ in an area of London where properties are expensive and gardens small and valuable.

However, their neighbours deny the land belongs to the Stirretts and say they were simply reclaiming what used to be their…

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