Identity of British spy ‘Agent Mullet’ who double-crossed the Nazi’s has finally been revealed

A Second World War diary has helped researchers finally piece together the identity of the British secret serviceman known only as Agent Mullet.

The diary, written by a Belgian woman named Irene Thornton on a dairy farm near Bristol, records the movements of her husband’s nephew Ronald Thornton, who researchers now believe was the British double agent.

Agent Mullet famously passed on disinformation about British invasion plans to the Nazi regime, thwarting German intelligence and buying the Allies more time to prepare.

Historian Andrew Drake believes Thornton and Mullet are one and the same based on details from the diary, which matches MI-5 information about Mullet’s background.

Mr Drake also tracked down Thornton’s grandson Alan Thornton, living in London, who heard stories about his grandfather’s heroics as a child.

Alan said: ‘[My grandfather] told my dad about some of his wartime capers, but that was all just word of mouth.

‘I’ve scanned over some of the extensive files related to…

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