Brendan Langley claims he only attacked United worker after calling him a ‘p***y’ and a ‘d**k’

Ex-NFL player Brendan Langley claims he only attacked United Airlines worker after man called him a ‘p***y’ and a ‘d**k’ while following him through airport after footage of brawl leaked and he was arrested

  • Langley, 27, was arrested on Thursday May 19 at 11.03am after trading blows with the unnamed United Airlines worker
  • Videos show the pair sparring and all of the footage that has been released so far shows the airline worker throwing the first punch
  • Langley’s attorney told TMZ Tuesday that the worker not only harassed him, but called him a d**k and a p***y
  • In addition, attorney Alan Jackson says the employee started the fight and his client was merely fighting back 
  • Jackson also says that Langley called out for help and that CCTV footage will back his client up on this 

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