London headteacher reveals why pupils revere her but sneering Left loathe her

From the outside, it appears to be one of those dismal, Sixties-built office blocks whose demolition cannot come too soon.

Well, that used to be the consensus. These days the six-storey building, while still aesthetically unprepossessing, is much revered, particularly by parents. It has been transformed into what a top government education adviser describes without exaggeration as ‘one of the best schools in the world’.

Michaela Community School in unfashionable Wembley, North-West London, works miracles. It draws from the area’s deprived estates children destined for dead-end jobs and in some cases criminality – and achieves grades up there with the best in the land.

It is all down to its indomitable, tough-but-tender headteacher, Katharine Birbalsingh, who demands excellence, rails against rap music and social media, and makes her inner-city charges sing God Save The Queen, Jerusalem and I Vow To Thee My Country and who – just as important as A stars, she says – produces kind,…

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