Incredible footage emerges of brazen hoon performing burnouts IN FRONT OF a police car

A shocking video shows the moment a hoon brazenly burns rubber right next to a police vehicle on a city street.

The driver of a golden Ford Falcon performed a series of doughnuts and figure-eight burnouts in a main street of Bendigo, in regional Victoria, at around 1am on Saturday morning.

Plumes of tyre smoke were seen as the driver performed the stunt around a stopped patrol car with its lights on and siren blaring.

The Falcon did several laps past the police car performing figure-eights and doughnuts while a Mexican flag trailed from its window in front of a crowd of whooping onlookers.

The sedan roared as it punched through the thick cloud of smoke, speeding off past a police car further up the road, sparks flying out from its undercarriage. 

Only when the Falcon was clearly making a getaway did the police vehicle start to drive after it. 

Victorian police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia no arrests were made at the time but the matter is currently under investigation.

The police car sat with its lights and siren on (pictured) only giving chase when the Falcon sped off in a southbound direction


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