Helsinki’s ‘hidden city’ with 500 bunkers where whole population can shelter from nuclear war

The hidden city under Helsinki built for the nuclear apocalypse: Finnish city has 500 bunkers where the entire population of 600,000 people can shelter from the fallout of nuclear war for months

  • 500+ shelters 25m below capital can hold 900,000, a third more than entire city
  • Facilities include cafes, softball courts, go karting tracks, car parks and dorms
  • Their doors are so thick a nuclear blast wouldn’t leave a dent, officials claim
  • City excavated 9million cubic metres of bedrock – 50,000 double-decker buses 
  • Built during Cold War, the bunkers store enough food and water for two weeks
  • Helsinki’s 25 metro stations can also be transformed into urgent escape routes
  • Bunkers receiving new attention as Finland’s NATO bid meets Moscow tough talk
  • Kremlin vowed ‘retaliatory steps’ including moving nukes closer to Europe
  • But officials in Helsinki’s emergency unit say Finns are unfazed by Putin threats
  • City rescue department spokeswoman Anna Lehtiranta told MailOnline: ‘As a neutral…

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