Diana’s MAD, MAD, MAD’, Charles shouted to the Queen: ANDREW MORTON

Unlike many of her predecessors, Queen Elizabeth has always been cool under pressure. 

In the 1990s, however, her remarkable equilibrium was tested far more than we ever knew.

According to a friend of hers, she was at her ‘wits’ end’ when both Charles and Andrew’s marriages collapsed, wondering aloud when her family, and the monarchy, would finally be given some respite.

In particular, Charles and Diana’s decision to separate affected the Queen so deeply that she allowed herself to stray from the ingrained habits of a lifetime.

No longer did she have just one dry martini in the evenings; her staff noticed that Her Majesty’s modest consumption of alcohol had noticeably increased. 

In private, the Monarch, known for both her moderation and her iron grip on her emotions, was quietly signalling her distress.

With two sons mired in scandal, she had much to contend with. 

On the one hand, she abhorred divorce; and on the other, she was ever protective of the dignity of the Crown.

So how did the…

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